Kern A. Lewis

Kern Lewis was born to be a trial lawyer and always had a soft spot for the little guy.  After graduating from Texas Tech University School of Law, where he excelled on the school’s Moot Court and Mock Trial Competition Teams, he began work as a trial lawyer for a firm that exclusively represented insurance companies.  Although he loved the trial experience he was gaining, Kern quickly realized he was on the wrong side.  “I had been brainwashed that most people claiming injuries were faking or exaggerating. I soon learned that was not true. The insurance adjuster on a case I was working on directed me to do things to win the case that weren’t right and against a man who was really hurt. When I refused, he reminded me that our firm got a lot of cases from his company and if I continued to refuse they would take them all away.  My decision was easy – I left the firm and vowed to never let an insurance company try to tell me what to do.”

At his church, Kern teaches an adult bible class. He came across Proverbs 22:21-22 which says:

“Do not deny justice to poor people in their lawsuits, and do not crush the needy in court; or the Lord will take their case, and plunder those who oppose them.”

Kern decided to focus his efforts on seeking justice for persons truly injured by the conduct of others. While he also continued to represent a select group of commercial and business clients in commercial transactions and litigation,  he won’t work for an insurance company.

Kern’s skills as a trial lawyer have earned him local and national recognition. He is double board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law and Consumer and Commercial Law, a distinction only 15 lawyers have obtained. (There are 70,000 lawyers in Texas).  He has been repeatedly named a “SuperLawyer” by a vote of lawyers in Texas, which is an honor less than 5% of lawyers obtain. In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 he was named a “Top 100” Trial Lawyer in Texas by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Kern has developed special experience in brain injury cases. “There is hardly any injury more devastating than a traumatic brain injury. An injury to a person’s back, arms or legs is terrible – but a brain injury is an injury to the very core of who a person is. A brain injury impacts their memory, their personality, and their ability to think.”  In a recent traumatic brain injury case – Kern lived with his client for several days to be able to completely understand and experience the impact the injury had on her life.  “When I told her story to the jury at trial – I was able to do so as someone who experienced it – not just heard about it.  It makes a huge difference.” Kern’s client received the largest jury verdict ever awarded in that court. But even after the trial and the money was paid, he continued to work with that client and her family members to make sure she was taken care of.  Kern is often hired or consulted by other lawyers to help them with traumatic brain injury cases.